Language Exchange SNS – English, Chinese, Japanese and etc.

Language Exchange SNS is a place where you can practice writing foreign languages, such as English, Chinese, Japanese and so on.

It is also designed to communicate with teachers who teach the language you study, students who study the language you can teach, and peers who study the same language.

This application is for the people who are eager to learn foreign languages.

iOS app(iTunes): Language Exchange SNS

Web app:Language Exchange SNS

Our Advice: Practice makes perfect, so stop thinking, start writing !

Note: You can’t just register Language Exchange SNS and expect that language teachers come to talk to you. You won’t get any message unless you start writing messages and comments in the language you are studying.

User registration

Model Case: You are learning English and teaching Chinese

Please select the languages you want to learn and you can teach.

“Place Tab”
In the place tab, please post any message in English. For example, where you are, how you feel, or etc.. Your messages will be reflected in the user page which other users can see. Your messages define who you are. If teachers or students who study the same language get interested in your messages, they will send you one to one message in English or in Chinese.

“Language Tab”
Learning tab in the language tab:
You can create your own topic in English, and then you can post comments in English in regard to the topic. For example, diary, sports, TV, politics, and so on. Teachers and other users come to check your writing. Other users can post a comment on the topic you created as well.

Teaching tab in the language tab:
In the teaching tab, you are the teacher. If you find any mistake or know a better expression on the teaching topics, please post it. You can also create your own topic as well.

“People Tab”
Teacher tab in the people tab:
In the teacher tab, you can find language teachers. If you tap the teacher name, the teacher’s page will come out. At the teacher’s page, you can read the teacher’s recent messages(posted at the “Place Tab”), and you can send one to one message to the teacher. If the teacher has many recent messages, he/she will probably response to your one to one message.

Student tab in the people tab:
In the student tab, you can find your students. If you are free, please check active students and send one to one message in English. Active students is the users who post many messages. Active students will be glad to receive one to one message from teachers.

Peer tab in the people tab:
In the peer tab, you can find users who study the same language. It is kind a difficult to find English teacher, but it is easy to find English learners. We recommend you to make friends with other English learners rather than to find English teacher.

Neighbor tab in the people tab:
In the neighbor tab, you can find users who use the app at the same time you use.

Inbox tab in the people tab:
In the inbox tab, you can check one to one message from other users(teachers, students, peers, etc..). Please check the inbox occasionally.

This app is intended to be a friendly and safe place so you agree to use it in a manner consistent with its purpose.

There are a few Japanese people using this app, so if you want to study the Japanese language, they will help you! English people needed!

This app requires GPS access. If you reject gps access, your location is set around Mt. Fuji in Japan.

This application is not for match making for men and women.
So please don’t send any message to meet people.

If you find any objectionable content, please report to the administrator from “Report this user’s illegal conduct” in the app. Please note there’s no tolerance of objectionable content.

We will check reports from users within 24 hours in principle.

If we find objectionable content, we will suspend the user who made the content and cancel his/her registration without a prior notice.