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hemmed、frolic、tumble、bear out、shriek、villain、clasp、stagger、poke、stiffly、jerk、go by、run into、defy、incantation、kettleful、simmering、asunder、arsenic


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“That’s like you, dear! What will we get?” exclaimed Jo.

Everyone thought soberly for a minute, then Meg announced, as if the idea was suggested by the sight of her own pretty hands, “I shall give her a nice pair of gloves.”

“Army shoes, best to be had,” cried Jo.

“Some handkerchiefs, all hemmed,” said Beth.

“I’ll get a little bottle of cologne. She likes it, and it won’t cost much, so I’ll have some left to buy my pencils,” added Amy.

“How will we give the things?” asked Meg.

“Put them on the table, and bring her in and see her open the bundles. Don’t you remember how we used to do on our birthdays?” answered Jo.

“I used to be so frightened when it was my turn to sit in the chair with the crown on, and see you all come marching round to give the presents, with a kiss. I liked the things and the kisses, but it was dreadful to have you sit looking at me while I opened the bundles,” said Beth, who was toasting her face and the bread for tea at the same time.

hemmed : 縁を縫った


“Let Marmee think we are getting things for ourselves, and then surprise her. We must go shopping tomorrow afternoon, Meg. There is so much to do about the play for Christmas night,” said Jo, marching up and down, with her hands behind her back, and her nose in the air.

“I don’t mean to act any more after this time. I’m getting too old for such things,” observed Meg, who was as much a child as ever about ‘dressing-up’ frolics.

“You won’t stop, I know, as long as you can trail round in a white gown with your hair down, and wear gold-paper jewelry. You are the best actress we’ve got, and there’ll be an end of everything if you quit the boards,” said Jo. “We ought to rehearse tonight. Come here, Amy, and do the fainting scene, for you are as stiff as a poker in that.”

“I can’t help it. I never saw anyone faint, and I don’t choose to make myself all black and blue, tumbling flat as you do. If I can go down easily, I’ll drop. If I can’t, I shall fall into a chair and be graceful. I don’t care if Hugo does come at me with a pistol,” returned Amy, who was not gifted with dramatic power, but was chosen because she was small enough to be borne out shrieking by the villain of the piece.

frolic : 陽気なパーティー
tumble : 倒れる
bear out : 運び出す
shriek : 金切り声で叫ぶ
villain : 悪党

「おかあさんには、わたしたちが、じぶんのものを買っていると思わせておいて、びっくりさせてあげましょうよ。メグ、明日の午後に買物にいかないと、クリスマスのお芝居のことで、することがたくさんあるわ。」 メグがいいました。「あたし今度きりで、もうお芝居なんかしないつもりよ。あんなこと子供くさいもの。」「だって、ねえさんは一ばんの役者ですもの、ねえさんがぬけたらおしまいよ。エミイ、さあ、いらっしゃい。おけいこしましょう。気を失うところをなさい。あんたは火ばしみたいにかたくなるんだもの。」

“Do it this way. Clasp your hands so, and stagger across the room, crying frantically, ‘Roderigo! Save me! Save me!'” and away went Jo, with a melodramatic scream which was truly thrilling.

Amy followed, but she poked her hands out stiffly before her, and jerked herself along as if she went by machinery, and her “Ow!” was more suggestive of pins being run into her than of fear and anguish. Jo gave a despairing groan, and Meg laughed outright, while Beth let her bread burn as she watched the fun with interest. “It’s no use! Do the best you can when the time comes, and if the audience laughs, don’t blame me. Come on, Meg.”

Then things went smoothly, for Don Pedro defied the world in a speech of two pages without a single break. Hagar, the witch, chanted an awful incantation over her kettleful of simmering toads, with weird effect. Roderigo rent his chains asunder manfully, and Hugo died in agonies of remorse and arsenic, with a wild, “Ha! Ha!”

clasp : しっかり握る
stagger : よろめく
poke : 突き出す
stiffly : かたく
jerk : ぎこちなく動く
go by : 〜の名で通る
run into : 刺す
defy : 拒否する、反抗する
incantation : 呪文
kettleful : ヤカンの中に入る量
simmering : 沸騰している
asunder : バラバラに
arsenic : ヒ素

「こうやるのよ。手を組み合せて、ロデリゴ! 助けて、助けて! と気狂いみたいにさけびながらよろけて部屋を横ぎるの。」ジョウは、ほんとに悲鳴をあげてやってみせました。それにならってエミイもやりましたが、まるでぎこちなく、おお! という声だって、絶望どころか、身体にピンでもささった時のようでした、ジョウががっかりしてうめくと、メグは笑いだすし、ベスもおかしがって、パンをこがしてしまいました。「おけいこしてもむだだわ、そのときになって、できるだけになさい、見物が笑っても、あたしのせいにしてはいやよ、さあ、それでは、今度はねえさんよ。」 それからは、すらすらと進行しました、ジョウのドン・ペデロは長い科白をまくしたてて世をあざけり、魔女のハーガーは、ひきがえるのいっぱいはいった釜をのぞいて呪文をとなえ、ロデリゴは、おおしくも鉄のくさりをたちきり、ユーゴーは毒をあおいで苦しみながら死んでいきました。

若草物語チャプター1.2 | 英語で読む若草物語 | 若草物語チャプター1.4

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