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“It’s the best we’ve had yet,” said Meg, as the dead villain sat up and rubbed his elbows.

“I don’t see how you can write and act such splendid things, Jo. You’re a regular Shakespeare!” exclaimed Beth, who firmly believed that her sisters were gifted with wonderful genius in all things.

“Not quite,” replied Jo modestly. “I do think _The Witches Curse, an Operatic Tragedy_ is rather a nice thing, but I’d like to try _Macbeth_, if we only had a trapdoor for Banquo. I always wanted to do the killing part. ‘Is that a dagger that I see before me?” muttered Jo, rolling her eyes and clutching at the air, as she had seen a famous tragedian do.

“No, it’s the toasting fork, with Mother’s shoe on it instead of the bread. Beth’s stage-struck!” cried Meg, and the rehearsal ended in a general burst of laughter.

trapdoor : 罠のあるドア
dagger : 短剣
clutch : つかむ

「今までのおけいこのうちで、一ばんうまかったわ、」と、メグがいうと、ベスも「ジョウねえさん、どうしてこんなりっぱなものが書けるの? それに、お芝居もじょうずだわ、」「それほどでもないけど、この『魔女の呪い』は、すこしはいいかもしれないわ、それはそうと、シェークスピアの『マクベス』がやってみたいのよ。」と、いって、「目の前にちらつくは短剣か?」と、有名な悲劇役者のしぐさをまね、目の玉を光らし、虚空をつかんでいいました。すると、メグがさけびました。「あら、フォークにさしてやいてるのは、パンじゃなくて、おかあさんのスリッパよ、」 なるほど、スリッパが火にかかっていました。ベスは、おけいこを見て夢中だったのです。みんなは大笑いしました。

“Glad to find you so merry, my girls,” said a cheery voice at the door, and actors and audience turned to welcome a tall, motherly lady with a ‘can I help you’ look about her which was truly delightful. She was not elegantly dressed, but a noble-looking woman, and the girls thought the gray cloak and unfashionable bonnet covered the most splendid mother in the world.

“Well, dearies, how have you got on today? There was so much to do, getting the boxes ready to go tomorrow, that I didn’t come home to dinner. Has anyone called, Beth? How is your cold, Meg? Jo, you look tired to death. Come and kiss me, baby.”

While making these maternal inquiries Mrs. March got her wet things off, her warm slippers on, and sitting down in the easy chair, drew Amy to her lap, preparing to enjoy the happiest hour of her busy day. The girls flew about, trying to make things comfortable, each in her own way. Meg arranged the tea table, Jo brought wood and set chairs, dropping, over-turning, and clattering everything she touched. Beth trotted to and fro between parlor kitchen, quiet and busy, while Amy gave directions to everyone, as she sat with her hands folded.

As they gathered about the table, Mrs. March said, with a particularly happy face, “I’ve got a treat for you after supper.”

cloak : マント
clatter : カチャカチャならす

「ずいぶん、たのしそうね。」と、戸口でおかあさんの声がしました。ねずみ色の外套を着て、流行おくれのボンネットをかぶったおかあさんも、娘たちの目には、この世でならびない、すばらしい人としてうつりました。「今日はべつになんにもなかったの? おかあさんは、明日送りだす慰問箱の仕度でいそがしくて、御飯までに帰れなかったの。ベス、どなたかお見えになった? メグ、かぜはどう? ジョウ、あなたはひどく疲れているのね、さあさあ、みんな来て、キッスしてちょうだい。」マーチ夫人はぬれた外套をぬぎ、あたたかいスリッパをはき、ソファに腰をおろして、エミイを膝にのせ、多忙な一日の一ばんたのしいときを、たのしむのでした、メグとジョウとベスは、さっそくとびまわって、食事の支度をし、すべてととのうと、みんなテーブルのまわりにつきました。「晩御飯がすんだら、みんなにおみやげをあげますよ。」

A quick, bright smile went round like a streak of sunshine. Beth clapped her hands, regardless of the biscuit she held, and Jo tossed up her napkin, crying, “A letter! A letter! Three cheers for Father!”

“Yes, a nice long letter. He is well, and thinks he shall get through the cold season better than we feared. He sends all sorts of loving wishes for Christmas, and an especial message to you girls,” said Mrs. March, patting her pocket as if she had got a treasure there.

“Hurry and get done! Don’t stop to quirk your little finger and simper over your plate, Amy,” cried Jo, choking on her tea and dropping her bread, butter side down, on the carpet in her haste to get at the treat.

Beth ate no more, but crept away to sit in her shadowy corner and brood over the delight to come, till the others were ready.

“I think it was so splendid in Father to go as chaplain when he was too old to be drafted, and not strong enough for a soldier,” said Meg warmly.

“Don’t I wish I could go as a drummer, a vivan–what’s its name? Or a nurse, so I could be near him and help him,” exclaimed Jo, with a groan.

“It must be very disagreeable to sleep in a tent, and eat all sorts of bad-tasting things, and drink out of a tin mug,” sighed Amy.

“When will he come home, Marmee?” asked Beth, with a little quiver in her voice.

“Not for many months, dear, unless he is sick. He will stay and do his work faithfully as long as he can, and we won’t ask for him back a minute sooner than he can be spared. Now come and hear the letter.”

streak : 線
quirk : ねじる
simper : にやにやする
brood : 思案する
chaplain : 従軍牧師
quiver : 震える


They all drew to the fire, Mother in the big chair with Beth at her feet, Meg and Amy perched on either arm of the chair, and Jo leaning on the back, where no one would see any sign of emotion if the letter should happen to be touching. Very few letters were written in those hard times that were not touching, especially those which fathers sent home. In this one little was said of the hardships endured, the dangers faced, or the homesickness conquered. It was a cheerful, hopeful letter, full of lively descriptions of camp life, marches, and military news, and only at the end did the writer’s heart over-flow with fatherly love and longing for the little girls at home.

“Give them all of my dear love and a kiss. Tell them I think of them by day, pray for them by night, and find my best comfort in their affection at all times. A year seems very long to wait before I see them, but remind them that while we wait we may all work, so that these hard days need not be wasted. I know they will remember all I said to them, that they will be loving children to you, will do their duty faithfully, fight their bosom enemies bravely, and conquer themselves so beautifully that when I come back to them I may be fonder and prouder than ever of my little women.” Everybody sniffed when they came to that part. Jo wasn’t ashamed of the great tear that dropped off the end of her nose, and Amy never minded the rumpling of her curls as she hid her face on her mother’s shoulder and sobbed out, “I am a selfish girl! But I’ll truly try to be better, so he mayn’t be disappointed in me by-and-by.”

perch : 羽を休める
affection : 愛情
bosom : 親しい、内部の、胸
rumple : ぼさぼさになる
by and by : 近い将来


若草物語チャプター1.3 | 英語で読む若草物語 | 若草物語チャプター1.5

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