若草物語チャプター10.1 The P.C. and P.O.


今回の新しい単語 (28個)
aspiring, chickweed, pussy, wreath, fern, picturesque, diversion, bona fide, allusion, confer, electrify, fetlock, dismay, rogue, twinkling, triumphantly, in a jiffy, salutation, stratagem, cymbal, adjoining, padlock, subside, adjourn, oration, convulsed, pickle, smitten
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Chapter 10. The P.C. and P.O.


As spring came on, a new set of amusements became the fashion, and the lengthening days gave long afternoons for work and play of all sorts. The garden had to be put in order, and each sister had a quarter of the little plot to do what she liked with. Hannah used to say, “I’d know which each of them gardings belonged to, ef I see ‘em in Chiny,” and so she might, for the girls’ tastes differed as much as their characters. Meg’s had roses and heliotrope, myrtle, and a little orange tree in it. Jo’s bed was never alike two seasons, for she was always trying experiments. This year it was to be a plantation of sun flowers, the seeds of which cheerful land aspiring plant were to feed Aunt Cockle-top and her family of chicks. Beth had old-fashioned fragrant flowers in her garden, sweet peas and mignonette, larkspur, pinks, pansies, and southernwood, with chickweed for the birds and catnip for the pussies. Amy had a bower in hers, rather small and earwiggy, but very pretty to look at, with honeysuckle and morning-glories hanging their colored horns and bells in graceful wreaths all over it, tall white lilies, delicate ferns, and as many brilliant, picturesque plants as would consent to blossom there.

Gardening, walks, rows on the river, and flower hunts employed the fine days, and for rainy ones, they had house diversions, some old, some new, all more or less original. One of these was the ‘P.C.’, for as secret societies were the fashion, it was thought proper to have one, and as all of the girls admired Dickens, they called themselves the Pickwick Club. With a few interruptions, they had kept this up for a year, and met every Saturday evening in the big garret, on which occasions the ceremonies were as follows: Three chairs were arranged in a row before a table on which was a lamp, also four white badges, with a big ‘P.C.’ in different colors on each, and the weekly newspaper called, The Pickwick Portfolio, to which all contributed something, while Jo, who reveled in pens and ink, was the editor. At seven o’clock, the four members ascended to the clubroom, tied their badges round their heads, and took their seats with great solemnity. Meg, as the eldest, was Samuel Pickwick, Jo, being of a literary turn, Augustus Snodgrass, Beth, because she was round and rosy, Tracy Tupman, and Amy, who was always trying to do what she couldn’t, was Nathaniel Winkle. Pickwick, the president, read the paper, which was filled with original tales, poetry, local news, funny advertisements, and hints, in which they good-naturedly reminded each other of their faults and short comings. On one occasion, Mr. Pickwick put on a pair of spectacles without any glass, rapped upon the table, hemmed, and having stared hard at Mr. Snodgrass, who was tilting back in his chair, till he arranged himself properly, began to read:

aspiring : 意欲的な
chickweed : ハコベ
pussy : ネコ
wreath : 花輪
fern : シダ
picturesque : 絵のようにきれいな
diversion : 転用


As the President finished reading the paper (which I beg leave to assure my readers is a bona fide copy of one written by bona fide girls once upon a time), a round of applause followed, and then Mr. Snodgrass rose to make a proposition.

“Mr. President and gentlemen,” he began, assuming a parliamentary attitude and tone, “I wish to propose the admission of a new member–one who highly deserves the honor, would be deeply grateful for it, and would add immensely to the spirit of the club, the literary value of the paper, and be no end jolly and nice. I propose Mr. Theodore Laurence as an honorary member of the P. C. Come now, do have him.”

Jo’s sudden change of tone made the girls laugh, but all looked rather anxious, and no one said a word as Snodgrass took his seat.

“We’ll put it to a vote,” said the President. “All in favor of this motion please to manifest it by saying, ‘Aye’.”

A loud response from Snodgrass, followed, to everybody’s surprise, by a timid one from Beth.

“Contrary-minded say, ‘No’.”

Meg and Amy were contrary-minded, and Mr. Winkle rose to say with great elegance, “We don’t wish any boys, they only joke and bounce about. This is a ladies’ club, and we wish to be private and proper.”

“I’m afraid he’ll laugh at our paper, and make fun of us afterward,” observed Pickwick, pulling the little curl on her forehead, as she always did when doubtful.

bona fide : 本物の


Up rose Snodgrass, very much in earnest. “Sir, I give you my word as a gentleman, Laurie won’t do anything of the sort. He likes to write, and he’ll give a tone to our contributions and keep us from being sentimental, don’t you see? We can do so little for him, and he does so much for us, I think the least we can do is to offer him a place here, and make him welcome if he comes.”

This artful allusion to benefits conferred brought Tupman to his feet, looking as if he had quite made up his mind.

“Yes; we ought to do it, even if we are afraid. I say he may come, and his grandpa, too, if he likes.”

This spirited burst from Beth electrified the club, and Jo left her seat to shake hands approvingly. “Now then, vote again. Everybody remember it’s our Laurie, and say, ‘Aye!'” cried Snodgrass excitedly.

“Aye! Aye! Aye!” replied three voices at once.

“Good! Bless you! Now, as there’s nothing like ‘taking time by the fetlock’, as Winkle characteristically observes, allow me to present the new member.” And, to the dismay of the rest of the club, Jo threw open the door of the closet, and displayed Laurie sitting on a rag bag, flushed and twinkling with suppressed laughter.

“You rogue! You traitor! Jo, how could you?” cried the three girls, as Snodgrass led her friend triumphantly forth, and producing both a chair and a badge, installed him in a jiffy.

allusion : 言及
confer : 与える、贈る
electrify : 感動させる
fetlock : 蹴爪
dismay : 動揺
rogue : 詐欺師
twinkling : きらめき
triumphantly : 勝ち誇った
in a jiffy : すぐに

すると、スノーダグラス氏は、はじかれたようにとびあがって、熱をこめて、「わたしは紳士として誓います。ローリイはそんなことは致しません。かれは書くのがすきで、わたしたちの書いたものに趣きをそえ、わたしたちがセンチメンタルになるのを防いでくれると思います。そう思いませんか? わたしたちは、かれにすこししかなし得ませんが、かれはわたしたちにたくさんのことをしてくれます。よって、かれに会員の席をあたえ、もし入会すれば、よろこんで迎えたいと思います。」いつも受けている利益をたくみに暗示されたので、ベスのタップマン氏は、すっかり心をきめたようすで立ちあがりました。「そのとおりです。たとえ、すこしぐらいの不安はあっても、かれを入会させましょう。もしかれのおじいさんも、はいりたければ入会させてよいと思います。」ベスのこの力ある発言に、みんなおどろき、ジョウは席をはなれて握手を求めに来ました。「さあ、それでは、もう一度投票します。諸君はわたしたちのローリイであることを頭にいれて、賛成といって下さい。」ジョウのスノーダグラス氏が、いきおいこんでさけぶと、たちまち、賛成という三つの声がいっしょに聞えました。「よろしい、ありがたいしあわせ! さて、それでは、時をうつさず、さっそく新会員を紹介させて下さい。」と、ジョウは、戸だなを開けると、くずいれぶくろの上に、おかしさをこらえて顔をあかくして、ローリイがすわっていました。このいたずらに、すっかりやられた三人が、「いたずら者。ひどいわ!」と、ぶつぶついっているあいだに、ジョウはかれをひき出し、会員章をあたえて席につかせてしまいました。

“The coolness of you two rascals is amazing,” began Mr. Pickwick, trying to get up an awful frown and only succeeding in producing an amiable smile. But the new member was equal to the occasion, and rising, with a grateful salutation to the Chair, said in the most engaging manner, “Mr. President and ladies–I beg pardon, gentlemen–allow me to introduce myself as Sam Weller, the very humble servant of the club.”

“Good! Good!” cried Jo, pounding with the handle of the old warming pan on which she leaned.

“My faithful friend and noble patron,” continued Laurie with a wave of the hand, “who has so flatteringly presented me, is not to be blamed for the base stratagem of tonight. I planned it, and she only gave in after lots of teasing.”

“Come now, don’t lay it all on yourself. You know I proposed the cupboard,” broke in Snodgrass, who was enjoying the joke amazingly.

“Never mind what she says. I’m the wretch that did it, sir,” said the new member, with a Welleresque nod to Mr. Pickwick. “But on my honor, I never will do so again, and henceforth devote myself to the interest of this immortal club.”

“Hear! Hear!” cried Jo, clashing the lid of the warming pan like a cymbal.

“Go on, go on!” added Winkle and Tupman, while the President bowed benignly.

salutation : 挨拶
stratagem : 計略
cymbal : シンバル

「きみたち、ふたりのずるいのにはおどろかされましたぞ。」と、ピクイック氏は、こわいしかめっ面をしようとしましたが、かえってにこにこ顔になってしまいました。その新会員に、うやうやしく敬礼をして、きわめて愛想のよいようすでいいました。「会長閣下および淑女諸君、いや、これは失礼、紳士諸君、どうぞ自己紹介をお許し下さい。わたくしは、このクラブの末席をけがすサム・ウェラーと申します。」「すてき すてき」と、ジョウはテーブルをたたきながらいいました。「ただ今、わたくしを、じょうずにひっぱり出して下すった、忠実な友だち、そして、尊敬すべき後援者は、今夜のずるい計画については、すこしも責任はないのでありまして、これはすべてわたくしがたてた計画で、わたくしがむりをいって、やっと承知させたのであります。」ローリイが、手をふりながらそういうと、そのじょうだんが、おもしろくてしようがないというふうに、スノーダグラス氏は、「みんなじぶんのせいにしなくってもいいわ。戸だなにかくれることは、あたしがいい出したんだわ。」といいました。「この人のいうことなど心にかけてはいけません。計画をしたわる者はわたくしです。しかし名誉にかけて、二度とこんなことはしません。今後は、永久につづくこのクラブのために、大いに力をいたす考えであります。」「ヒャ! ヒャ!」と、ジョウはフライ鍋のへりをたたきながらさけびました。「つづけろ! つづけろ!」と、インクル氏は、会長がうやうやしく礼をしている間にいいました。

“I merely wish to say, that as a slight token of my gratitude for the honor done me, and as a means of promoting friendly relations between adjoining nations, I have set up a post office in the hedge in the lower corner of the garden, a fine, spacious building with padlocks on the doors and every convenience for the mails, also the females, if I may be allowed the expression. It’s the old martin house, but I’ve stopped up the door and made the roof open, so it will hold all sorts of things, and save our valuable time. Letters, manuscripts, books, and bundles can be passed in there, and as each nation has a key, it will be uncommonly nice, I fancy. Allow me to present the club key, and with many thanks for your favor, take my seat.”

Great applause as Mr. Weller deposited a little key on the table and subsided, the warming pan clashed and waved wildly, and it was some time before order could be restored. A long discussion followed, and everyone came out surprising, for everyone did her best. So it was an unusually lively meeting, and did not adjourn till a late hour, when it broke up with three shrill cheers for the new member.

No one ever regretted the admittance of Sam Weller, for a more devoted, well-behaved, and jovial member no club could have. He certainly did add ‘spirit’ to the meetings, and ‘a tone’ to the paper, for his orations convulsed his hearers and his contributions were excellent, being patriotic, classical, comical, or dramatic, but never sentimental. Jo regarded them as worthy of Bacon, Milton, or Shakespeare, and remodeled her own works with good effect, she thought.

The P. O. was a capital little institution, and flourished wonderfully, for nearly as many queer things passed through it as through the real post office. Tragedies and cravats, poetry and pickles, garden seeds and long letters, music and gingerbread, rubbers, invitations, scoldings, and puppies. The old gentleman liked the fun, and amused himself by sending odd bundles, mysterious messages, and funny telegrams, and his gardener, who was smitten with Hannah’s charms, actually sent a love letter to Jo’s care. How they laughed when the secret came out, never dreaming how many love letters that little post office would hold in the years to come.

adjoining : 隣の
padlock : 南京錠
subside : 低下する
adjourn : 中断する
oration : 演説
convulsed : 身悶えする
pickle : 漬け物
smitten : 惚れ込んだ


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