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reproachful, anteroom, snatch,balm, pound, pestle, benignant, corporal, maddening, martyr, prevail upon, perk up


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The fifteen minutes seemed an hour, but they came to an end at last, and the word ‘Recess!’ had never seemed so welcome to her before.

“You can go, Miss March,” said Mr. Davis, looking, as he felt, uncomfortable.

He did not soon forget the reproachful glance Amy gave him, as she went, without a word to anyone, straight into the anteroom, snatched her things, and left the place “forever,” as she passionately declared to herself. She was in a sad state when she got home, and when the older girls arrived, some time later, an indignation meeting was held at once. Mrs. March did not say much but looked disturbed, and comforted her afflicted little daughter in her tenderest manner. Meg bathed the insulted hand with glycerine and tears, Beth felt that even her beloved kittens would fail as a balm for griefs like this, Jo wrathfully proposed that Mr. Davis be arrested without delay, and Hannah shook her fist at the ‘villain’ and pounded potatoes for dinner as if she had him under her pestle.

No notice was taken of Amy’s flight, except by her mates, but the sharp-eyed demoiselles discovered that Mr. Davis was quite benignant in the afternoon, also unusually nervous. Just before school closed, Jo appeared, wearing a grim expression as she stalked up to the desk, and delivered a letter from her mother, then collected Amy’s property, and departed, carefully scraping the mud from her boots on the door mat, as if she shook the dust of the place off her feet.

“Yes, you can have a vacation from school, but I want you to study a little every day with Beth,” said Mrs. March that evening. “I don’t approve of corporal punishment, especially for girls. I dislike Mr. Davis’s manner of teaching and don’t think the girls you associate with are doing you any good, so I shall ask your father’s advice before I send you anywhere else.”

reproachful : 非難するような
anteroom : 控え室
snatch : つかむ
balm : 慰み
pound : 強打する
pestle : すりこぎ
benignant : 優しい
corporal : 肉体の


“That’s good! I wish all the girls would leave, and spoil his old school. It’s perfectly maddening to think of those lovely limes,” sighed Amy, with the air of a martyr.

“I am not sorry you lost them, for you broke the rules, and deserved some punishment for disobedience,” was the severe reply, which rather disappointed the young lady, who expected nothing but sympathy.

“Do you mean you are glad I was disgraced before the whole school?” cried Amy.

“I should not have chosen that way of mending a fault,” replied her mother, “but I’m not sure that it won’t do you more good than a bolder method. You are getting to be rather conceited, my dear, and it is quite time you set about correcting it. You have a good many little gifts and virtues, but there is no need of parading them, for conceit spoils the finest genius. There is not much danger that real talent or goodness will be overlooked long, even if it is, the consciousness of possessing and using it well should satisfy one, and the great charm of all power is modesty.”

“So it is!” cried Laurie, who was playing chess in a corner with Jo. “I knew a girl once, who had a really remarkable talent for music, and she didn’t know it, never guessed what sweet little things she composed when she was alone, and wouldn’t have believed it if anyone had told her.”

“I wish I’d known that nice girl. Maybe she would have helped me, I’m so stupid,” said Beth, who stood beside him, listening eagerly.

maddening : 頭にくる
martyr : 殉教者

ただ、あなたがライムを机のなかにいれていたことは、同情できません。規則をやぶったのですから。」「ね、おかあさんは、あたしがあんなふうに、人の前ではじをかかされたのを、あたり前と思っていらっしゃるんですか?」「あやまちを改めさせるのに、おかあさんならば、あんなやり方をしません。ただ、あなたは、このごろ、すこしうぬぼれが強くなっていくようです。なおさなくてはいけません。あなたは、才能もありいい性質ももっているけど、それを見せびらかしてはだいなしです。へりくだるという気持、それがあなたをぐっと美しくするでしょう。」そのとき、むこうで、ジョウと将棋をさしていたローリイが大声でいいました。「そのとおり! 音楽のすばらしい才能をもっていながら、じぶんでは気づかずにいる、あるおじょうさんを、ぼくは知っていますが、その人は、ひとりでいるとき、どんなりっぱな音楽を作曲しているのか知らずにいるし、そのことを人からいわれても本気にしません。」ローリイのそばに立っていたベスが、それを聞いていいました。「そんなすてきな方とお友だちになりたいわ。きっと、あたしのためになる方よ、あたしなんて、とてもだめ。」

“You do know her, and she helps you better than anyone else could,” answered Laurie, looking at her with such mischievous meaning in his merry black eyes that Beth suddenly turned very red, and hid her face in the sofa cushion, quite overcome by such an unexpected discovery.

Jo let Laurie win the game to pay for that praise of her Beth, who could not be prevailed upon to play for them after her compliment. So Laurie did his best, and sang delightfully, being in a particularly lively humor, for to the Marches he seldom showed the moody side of his character. When he was gone, Amy, who had been pensive all evening, said suddenly, as if busy over some new idea, “Is Laurie an accomplished boy?”

“Yes, he has had an excellent education, and has much talent. He will make a fine man, if not spoiled by petting,” replied her mother.

“And he isn’t conceited, is he?” asked Amy.

“Not in the least. That is why he is so charming and we all like him so much.”

“I see. It’s nice to have accomplishments and be elegant, but not to show off or get perked up,” said Amy thoughtfully.

“These things are always seen and felt in a person’s manner and conversations, if modestly used, but it is not necessary to display them,” said Mrs. March.

“Any more than it’s proper to wear all your bonnets and gowns and ribbons at once, that folks may know you’ve got them,” added Jo, and the lecture ended in a laugh.

prevail upon : 説得する
perk up : 元気になる


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